Why Use UAVision?

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When choosing us for your Yuneec products, you are buying from the UK's only dedicated Yuneec UK dealers, which means you get the advise and support you deserve.

The potential pitfalls of buying a Grey Import

Everyone loves a bargain. In recent times, we often find a price that seems too good to be true, and usually, it is.

There are many online retailers who ship products to the UK from outside the European Union (EU), called "Grey Imports". They may seem like a great deal, but there are risks.

  • In many cases, the manufacturer will not support the standard warranty.
  • Some manufacturers promote additional years of warranty in the UK – a grey import would not qualify for this support.
  • Some manufacturers will not undertake chargeable repairs on grey imports.
  • In many instances, you will not be eligible for UK cashback promotions.
  • Some items can be fakes. Buying from overseas leaves you with very little legal recourse.
  • You can be liable for import duty and VAT on your purchase, which can be held at customs.
  • If the product goes missing in transit you may be liable; check the small print to see when the title of the goods transfers to the customer.
  • It may be difficult to return an item.
  • Many retailers will not take grey imports for part-exchange. When the time comes, you may not be able to realise the value of your equipment.

At UAVision (The Drone Station Devizes)  you can feel secure and buy with confidence:

  • We regularly check our products RRP's and are quick to update these when required.
  • We are a UK company, based in Devizes, Wiltshire.
  • We are committed to selling UK sourced stock from approved distributors. Where there is no UK distributor, we will handle any returns issues on behalf of our customers.
  • Our UK retail store is open 6 days a week. Should you be near to Devizes, youre welcome to visit us from 9am to 4pm Monday to Saturday or 10am to 2pm Sundays. Closed on Wednesday's.
  • We are proud of our Customer Service and the positive feedback we receive, 100% on eBay and by FreeIndex ranked 4th in the UK for model shops.
  • You will always get the full Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Personal product support by email, telephone or in person in store.
  • Feel proud to know you are supporting a UK Family run business, rather than a faceless corporation.